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Ford Falcon drift car package

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Build your own turn key drift car package! 

Here at Au house is alway been about how to get people onto the track and drift with mates, with minimal car issues, down time so you can be confident that when you start the car up, thrash it all day and drive it back on the trailer. and have nothing but smiles and a door banging time!!

SO we have come up with this package system so your able choose some things to personalize you au. 

The packages are based off our team Fleet of AU falcons so this will consist of the being

 Spec 1 (basic Package)

  • Serviced automatic transmission
  • locked 3.08 Diff
  • Hsd monopro Coil overs 
  • Big transmission and steering coolers
  • Raceworks surge tank system
  • Full Og buckwild kit

 Spec 1 Continued 

  • New water pump
  • New oil pressure switch
  • New power steering pressure switch
  • New Radiator and hoses
  • New fuel filter
  • New lower control arms
  • New paint (your choice of colour) (Flat style paint only)
  • Harmonic Balancer  
  • New belt and pulleys 


 Spec 2 ( includes Spec 1 but with more spice)

  • Gk Tech Hydraulic hand brake
  • DBA T2 Rear rotors 
  • Drivers Bucket Seat
  • Bosskit and steering wheel
  • New rear Diff support bushes (Watts link Bushes)
  • Front callipers rebuilt.
  • Ph4480 headers with full 3 inch exhaust

 Spec 3 (includes Spec 1 and 2)

  • Body kit ( front bars side skirts and rear bars
  • new headlights 
  • Stainless exhaust rear section 
  • ( spec 3 is still in development stages but welcome to call us and have a consultation on the specs

 Vehicle specs 1999-2002 au falcon solid axle with 6 cylinder automatic

 Each Falcon will be tested before handing over the keys. approx time frame from order will max of 30 days from purchase date.

only one car each month will be availabe or untill someones order is completed as we will not be handing keys over to car thats not 100%


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