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Automatic Transmission Filter Kit - RTK1

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Transmissions need to work (and work consistently). A poorly maintained, dirty, or worn-out transmission filter can allow particles, debris, and other contaminants to enter the transmission fluid. If that happens, your engine may leak, clunk, rattle, smoke, and even slip in and out of gear. In short, a clogged transmission filter is not something you want to mess around with -- the risk is too high.

Ryco's automatic transmission filter service kits are engineered specifically to ensure your transmission fluid remains as clean as possible. A clean transmission is a happy one, and you can expect a longer lifespan with a Ryco transmission filter.

Every Ryco transmission filter service kit is:

  • Engineered with airtight, non-leak seals to maintain transmission fluid integrity
  • Built from a cork composite (rubber, cork, and bonding agents) or nitrile butadiene rubber gaskets
  • Designed for easy fitting and installation
  • Constructed in accordance with Ryco TS17 and ISO 9001 standards



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